And so this week’s moment of happiness despite the news.

I have a secret.

And it’s a good secret.

Remember having a secret when you were a kid? At least with good secrets, it was a feeling better than ice cream. I think secrets are like those white and yellow moths I talked about in last week’s blog. I used to catch them, then slowly uncurl my fingers, and the moth would sit there for a bit, the wings slowly opening and closing, and that was like a secret in my hand.

I remember the first time I was told I was pregnant. Really, really pregnant. My first husband and I tried for quite a while, and we had so many at-home pregnancy tests come out positive, but then I’d go to the doctor and take a blood test and he’d say he was sorry. Back then, the at-home tests really weren’t all that accurate, and he urged me not to use them, but instead to come in for a blood test when I was 21 days late. But I could never wait. The awful at-home tests could be used at 15 days and so I took them and hoped it was right, and then it wasn’t.

But then…it was. The doctor called me and said, “You did it!”

I didn’t call my husband, who was at work. I didn’t call my mother or any friends. I sat in my rocker, with my hands over my newly transformed belly and I rocked and I sunk deep into that secret. I was no longer one person. I was two.

I kept that secret for an entire day. Then I told my husband and everyone else.

It was wonderful.

Of course, there have been some secrets that weren’t so great. But over the years, I’ve learned to talk about some, and shove the rest aside.

And now…there’s this secret.

I’ve kept it tucked away for a week now.

And no, I’m not pregnant! Not in the baby way, anyway.

I’m going to announce this secret tonight, as I present my lecture at the AllWriters’ Annual Retreat. And then I will share it on social media and here on Friday.

You can find me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/kathiegiorgioauthor

On Twitter, at @kathiegiorgio.

On Instagram at @kathiegio1

And here, I think it will be on my home page, where I list the news.

This is my Moment, and while it’s making me very happy, I’m going to keep it to myself for just a teeny bit longer.

Just wait. And watch. I’ll uncurl my fingers and you’ll see those wings opening and closing!

And yes, that helps. Despite. Anyway.

I’ve got a secret! (This is me, at 3 years old.)

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