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All Told

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Join the launch of All Told, Kathie Giorgio’s Kathie’s 12th book (6th novel), January 27th at 7:00 p.m. central time. This is a FREE zoom event, but registration is required.

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Book #12. All Told. A novel.

Imagine being an “other woman,” and then finding out that you’re not the only one. There have been many other women, before you and even standing alongside you right now.
Jack learned early that one is never enough. Each chapter tells the experience of someone affected by Jack’s trysts. Some of the women are married, some single, some divorced. The ages vary as Jack grows older. Then the reach goes further, to the ripple effect of hurt caused by infidelity. There is an adult son Jack never knew he fathered. There’s also a bartender on the cusp of meeting the woman of his dreams, only to have Jack whisk her away by saying just the right thing. And there is a doctor who is shocked by Jack’s abandonment of her patient, one of the Other Women with breast cancer. There are the first two wives, who run into each other thirty years after the first wife was replaced by the second wife, and there is the third wife, who is still married to Jack. Jack’s mother also speaks, at the beginning and the end.
All Told tells more than the story of infidelity. It goes beyond the typical triangle of husband, wife, and lover. As the stories grow and the involvements become more interconnected and convoluted, the question of who is cheating on who and why becomes more difficult to answer. Each chapter reveals another secret. But every secret has two sides, and in some cases, even more than that.

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Giorgio’s full-length poetry collection, No Matter Which Way You Look, There Is More To See, is available to order now from Finishing Line Press.

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If You Tame Me won second place in the Women’s Fiction division of the 2019 Pencraft Award For Literary Excellence!


it was runner up in the 2020 Eric Hoffer Award!

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Kathie Giorgio’s story, Snap Dragon, was chosen to be performed on stage at Stories on Stage in the Su Teatro Theatre in Denver!

Kathie Giorgio’s story, Clean, published in the Summer 2016 issue of Prairie Schooner, has been nominated by Prairie Schooner for the Pushcart Prize!

Spring 2018 – In Grace’s Time, Giorgio’s seventh book and fourth novel, received runner up in the literary category of the Maxy Awards!

Fall 2018 – In Grace’s Time, Giorgio’s seventh book and fourth novel, received 2nd place in the general fiction category of the 2018 Pencraft Award in Literary Excellence!

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