And so this week’s moment of happiness despite the news.

This week is easy…and it’s fast.

I am currently sitting in a dorm room at Mount Mary University. Yes, this is where Olivia went for her undergrad years, and in the fall, she’ll be here to start earning her Master’s Degree.

But I’m not here for her.

I’m here for me. And 16 other writers, They’ve flown and driven in from Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, North Carolina, Colorado, Massachusetts, New York, and Texas.

Some of these people, I see face to face every week. Some, I see peering at me from my computer screen. And some are voices on the phone.

But for this weekend, they are all here, under one roof.

I’ll be lecturing tonight. And then, throughout the rest of the weekend until Sunday afternoon, I’ll be meeting people in one-on-one consultations, and running workshops, and, on Saturday afternoon, joining with my faculty to show everyone just who it is they’re learning from.

And from me, they’re learning from someone who has had 14 books accepted and published by traditional publishing houses in 13 years. In every major genre – fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. They’re working with someone who has helped thousands learn how to do magic with their craft, and reach the goals they’ve set for themselves. They’re working with someone who started a business with nothing but good intentions and built it, 18 years later, into an international creative writing studio.

A creative writing home and community.

This is the weekend when I crow about what I’ve done, because I’m seeing the results of 18 years, no, make that 28 years, as I’ve taught for 28 years, of incredibly hard work. I’m seeing these faces. I’m reading these words.

And it’s all just freaking amazing.

I am not all that comfortable, usually, with patting myself on the back. But this weekend, this one weekend a year, I am patting with both hands. And I’m letting the hands around me pat my back too. And wrap me up in hugs.

Honestly, it’s just not that often that you feel like you’re in your niche. In the groove. In your element. And comfortable in your own skin.

I am so comfortable. And soooooooooo happy to be here.

So I have to get to work, which means that this is a short Today’s Moment. But boy, is it ever deeply felt.

To everyone involved with AllWriters’ Workplace & Workshop, I am just so happy to know you.

And for those who aren’t a part of this yet…what are you waiting for?

And yes, that helps. Despite. Anyway.

Teaching at one of the retreats.
Teaching at the 2014 retreat!
Contemplating someone’s manuscript at a retreat.

Watch my Facebook page from pictures of this year’s retreat!



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