I’m afraid that there will be no Moment this week. Right now, I am sitting in the NICU (Neurological ICU) of a local hospital, watching my husband of almost 25 years. Michael.

Last night, as he walked from his office to the bus stop to come home. When he crossed the street, he was in the crosswalk and with the light – Michael has always been an impeccable pedestrian.

But a car coming to the intersection decided to take a right turn and not wait for the light. He drove into Michael. And then he rode over Michael.

Michael has a fractured skull and possibly some factured vertebrae. He is covered with bruises and contusion.  Almost 24 hours later, he is still in shock, but beginning to talk and move a little in his bed – which he’s not supposed to do. Michael is a side-sleeper and they want him on his back. From time to time, he calls out help.

He has not said my name. And I can’t help. Last night, when I brought home his things, I discovered all of his clothing, jacket, shirt, pants, underwear, are in shreds. From the car? From having the clothes cut off? He is missing a shoe and his glasses.

I am having a hard time dealing with this.

So no This Week’s Moment of Happiness Despite The News today. This is only the second time I’ve missed since starting this blog in 2017. I’m sorry. But I can’t.

Except for this. He’s alive. He’s alive.

And yes, that helps. Despite. Anyway.


30 Replies to “1/18/24”

  1. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear about your husband. Please know we are keeping you both in our hearts during this tough time.

  2. Kathie, I just seen your post. All I can say is I’m so sorry this happen. I will be keeping you and Michael in prayers.

  3. Holding you both in the Light. I agree with others – breathe your way through (1,2,3). Let healing proceed swiftly and well!

  4. Oh Kathie, I am so sorry for you and Michael!! Just stay by his side and be as strong as you can! I will pray for a quick and easy (?) recovery for you both. I love ❤️ you both! You don’t say if the car stopped…please say yes, or humanity simply SUCKS!

  5. I’ll be thinking of you, Kathie. I don’t what else I can do at this moment. He seems to be in the hands of people far more capable than myself.

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