The Home For Wayward Clocks

"Home for Wayward Clocks" Cover
Original Painting by Christopher T. Werkman: Released in 2010

When James Elgin opens his clock museum, he only wants to survive after being laid off. Instead, he saves his entire town. As tourists descend on What Cheer, other businesses in the depressed farm area adopt a clock theme and soon, What Cheer is on the map, providing welcome relief for travelers moving through monotonous Iowa.

Raised by an abusive mother, James felt his first connection to clocks when he was locked in the root cellar, an alarm clock his only company. The Home is a haven for thousands of clocks, which James restores. He believes every clock has its own soul.

While repairing the town’s clock tower, it suddenly chimes, bursting James’ eardrums. James descends into a tickless vacuum. He must reach for human hands.

Every other chapter is a short story, tales of the clocks before they came into the Home.

This is the story of redemption, of a man who should have died at the hands of his mother, but insisted on surviving. It is the story of his ultimate recovery and his ability to fix clocks and heal friends, proving that the strength of the human soul can transcend the most profound and unthinkable of cruelties.


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Learning To Tell (A Life) Time by Kathie Giorgio
Original Painting by Christopher T. Werkman: Released in 2013

Learning To Tell (A Life)Time

Sixteen years after The Home For Wayward Clocks ends, Learning To Tell (A Life)Time begins with a police officer at the clock museum’s door, delivering news of Cooley Dander’s mother’s solitary death. Cooley hasn’t seen her mother since James Elgin rescued her as a teenager from that home. Now thirty-two and running the clock museum on her own, she’s left to wonder how her mother came to be the woman Cooley remembers: an abusive alcoholic, wielding burning cigarettes as weapons against Cooley’s skin. In alternating chapters, short stories reveal the secrets that Cooley’s mother, Mara Rose Mayfield, held close for a too-brief lifetime, beginning with the first puff of an offered cigarette when she was ten years old. Cooley must sift through the flicked ashes of her mother’s life and come face to face with two pasts–her own and her mother’s–in order to step into a whole future.


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Rise From The River

Rise From the River Cover
Original Painting by Christopher T. Werkman: Released in 2015

What would you do if you found yourself pregnant after being brutally raped?  Abort?  Carry the baby for nine solid months of everyday reminders of your night from hell and then adopt it out as if the nightmare never happened?  Keep the baby and raise it as if it wasn’t a product of unthinkable violence and invasion?

On a fall evening, 24-year old single mother Rainey Milbright walks through a park past curfew with her four-year old daughter, Tish.  A shadow steps out of the bushes.  Rainey knows what he is after.  Quickly, she tells Tish to run back to the playground, then she turns to face her attacker.  She is brutally raped.  Tish, who comes back, observes it all.

The reader follows Rainey through the next ten weeks as she struggles with the resulting pregnancy. Rainey is no stranger to the surprise of unplanned pregnancy, nor is she stranger to the joys and challenges that a child can bring.  She is also no stranger to abortion; Rainey became pregnant at the age of fifteen and aborted.  But this time, this isn’t simply an unplanned pregnancy; it’s a violent one, the result of a rape by a total stranger.  The book details Rainey’s battle as she fights with herself, her guilt, her grief and her own healing process as she tries to figure out the right thing to do.

Rise From The River is a brave novel, addressing many social and taboo issues, treating them with honesty and compassion.  Readers will go through this ordeal with Rainey, and come out of it with a new perspective, a deeper realization and a greater appreciation for the strength and resilience of women.


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56-year old Grace faces her worst nightmare: the death of her son. When Grace’s daughter confesses she’s at fault, Grace knows she should reassure her. But she can’t.

Virgil is about to leave for his once-a-year cross-country trip, building inventory for his doll shop. In a haze of grief, Grace asks if she can go along. 65-year old Virgil is gay and unsure how he feels about the gay rights battle. His longtime long-distance lover proposes marriage, something never before possible. But it would require Virgil to give up his home and business.

Their journey takes them to a farm with five-legged cows and two-headed calves and a factory that makes the sweetest candy corn. Their futures are predicted over leftovers in a roadside diner, and they forage in flea markets and auctions and old barns.

Together, Grace and Virgil cross road after crossroad, trying to find home and family.

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"Enlarged Hearts" Cover
Original Painting by Christopher T. Werkman: Released in 2012

Enlarged Hearts

Somewhere in Milwaukee, there is a mall with a specialty boutique called Large & Luscious. The women who work there, while of different ages and backgrounds and hair color and heritage, all carry the same name:The Fat Girl. They are as society sees them. And they are as they see themselves.

This collection of linked short stories takes the reader through cancer and sex, motherhood and death, rejection and acceptance. There are Fat Girls at the state fair, Fat Girls in Starbucks, and Fat Girls in bars, in bed, and alone.

All of the Fat Girls are seekers. The anonymity of their name and the barrier of their bodies lead some into discovering their own abundance. Others sink further into struggle. All readers, regardless of size, will learn that there is so much more to a Fat Girl than her weight. We are all so much more than our bodies.


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Oddities And Endings: The Collected Stories of Kathie Giorgio

Cover Oddities and Ending by Kathie Giorgio
Released in 2016

Giorgio’s stories are filled with quirky characters doused with a heaping helping of humanity. Readers will recognize these characters from their own lives and possibly from the reflections they see in their mirrors every morning. There’s the woman who battles loneliness by searching for dead birds during her lunch hour, bringing them home to her special angels’ cemetery in her back yard. The man who becomes obsessed with finding the voice already recorded on his newly purchased answering machine. The woman who decides to dub herself a widow and gain new friends and sympathy at a retirement village in Florida. And the couple who struggle to restore intimacy after the husband’s emergency surgery leaves him with a stoma and colostomy bag he names Mick, creating an odd threesome in bed.  Plus many more, covering the full spectrum of the oh so human spectrum.

Kathie Giorgio’s first published short story, accepted when she was fifteen years old, launched a career that has now spanned forty years. Oddities & Endings is a collection of forty of Giorgio’s stories, the majority of which originally appeared in literary magazines. A few special “never before seen” stories specifically written for this collection are included as well.  Oddities & Endings; The Collected Stories of Kathie Giorgio delivers everything its title promises.


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True Light Falls Front Cover by Kathie Giorgio
Released in 2016

True Light Falls In Many Forms

True Light is a poetry chapbook, released by the Main Street Rag Publishing Company in 2016.


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Edited by Kathie Giorgio

It's About Time by Kathie Giorgio
Released in 2016

It’s About Time 

In 2016, Main Street Rag Publishing Company released an anthology titled, It’s About Time. Giorgio served as guest editor and selected all of the poems, short stories and short memoir for the anthology.


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