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Kathie’s new novel, Rise From The River, released by the Main Street Rag Publishing Company, is here! Order your copy of Rise From The River today: Click HERE.

A brief synopsis:

So what would you do if you found yourself pregnant after being brutally raped? Abort? Carry the baby for nine solid months of everyday reminders of your night from hell and then adopt it out as if the nightmare never happened? Keep the baby and raise it as if it wasn’t a product of unthinkable violence and invasion?

On a fall evening, 24-year old single mother Rainey Milbright walks through a park past curfew with her four-year old daughter, Tish. A shadow steps out of the bushes. Rainey knows what he is after. Quickly, she tells Tish to run back to the playground, then she turns to face her attacker. She is brutally raped. Tish, who comes back, observes it all.

The reader follows Rainey through the next ten weeks as she struggles with the resulting pregnancy. Rainey is no stranger to the surprise of unplanned pregnancy, nor is she stranger to the joys and challenges that a child can bring. She is also no stranger to abortion; Rainey became pregnant at the age of fifteen and aborted. But this time, this isn’t simply an unplanned pregnancy; it’s a violent one, the result of a rape by a total stranger. The book details Rainey’s battle as she fights with herself, her guilt, her grief and her own healing process as she tries to figure out the right thing to do.

Rise From The River is a brave novel, addressing many social and taboo issues, treating them with honesty and compassion. Readers will go through this ordeal with Rainey, and come out of it with a new perspective, a deeper realization and a greater appreciation for the strength and resilience of women.

Kathie’s first three books, two novels, “The Home For Wayward Clocks” and “Learning To Tell (A Life)Time,” and a short story collection, “Enlarged Hearts,” were also released by MSR.  “Clocks” received the Outstanding Achievement award by the Wisconsin Library Association Literary Awards Committee and was nominated for the Paterson Fiction Award. “Lifetime,” the sequel to “Clocks,” debuted to a standing-room only audience of over 200 people at the 2013 Southeast Wisconsin Festival of Books, where Kathie was the welcoming Keynote. “Enlarged Hearts” was chosen as one of the 99 Summer Must Reads by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in 2012.

Kathie’s short stories and poems have appeared in over 100 literary magazines and in many anthologies. She’s been nominated twice for the Million Writer Award and twice for the Best of the Net anthology. She is the director and founder of AllWriters’ Workplace & Workshop, an international studio offering online and on-site classes in all genres and abilities of creative writing. She also teaches for Writers’ Digest and serves on their advisory board.

You can find where her new stories and poems will be appearing by clicking on Publications and scrolling down to Accepted and Upcoming. Personal appearances can be found on the Appearances page.

 Order your copy of Rise From The River today! Click HERE.

Official Cover Art for “Rise From The River:”

Rise From the River Cover

Original Painting by Christopher T. Werkman